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The ancient and sacred temple of Sri Male Mahadeshwara is located in South end of India, that is, it belongs to Chamaraja Nagar District, Karnataka State in India.  It is a very popular & holy ancient temple, surrounded by 77 hills in the Eastern Ghats.  The Lord Sri Mahadeshwara is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva.  It is a very famous Shaiva piligrim centre.  The Lord Sri Mahadeshwara's miracles are beautifully sung by the village folk in Janapada Style.  The height of the hill is about 3000 feet from the sea level.  About 600 years ago, Sri Mahadeshwara Swamy came here to perform penance & it is believed that he is still performing penance in the temple's Garbha Gudi in the form of Linga.  The Linga, worshiping now in the Garbha Gudi is a self developed one.  Sri Male Mahadeshwara Swamy was moving on a tiger known as Huli Vahana (Tiger as a vehicle) & performed a number of miracles around the hills to save the people & saints living there.

The area of the temple surroundings is 155.57 acres.  In addition, the temple has lands at Talabetta, Haleyuru & Indiganatha Villages.


Sub-temples              :     Sri Nagamale
                                        Sri Adi Madappa
                                        Sri Indi Basavwshwara
                                        Sri Goujala Katte Basaveshwara
                                        Sri Bale Kallu Basaveshwara
                                        Sri Tapasare
                                        Sri Paada Dhare
                                        Sri Karaiah's Boli
                                        Sri Kanave Basappa
Statue (Stone)           :      Sri Veerabhadra at the door of the Garbha Gudi - 2

Statue (Pancha Loha):      Sri Uma Maheshwara for Utsava
                                         Sri Mahadeshwara on Tiger - 2                                   

Crown                        : 
     Nava Ratna

Chariots                     :     Silver-tiger chariot     - 1
                                        Silver-Basava chariot - 1
                                        Bronze chariot          - 1
                                        Rudrakshi-mantap chariot    - 1

Colored Chariots       : 
    Tiger chariot, Cobra chariot,
Bird chariot, Kamadenu chariot,
                                       Horse chariot, Elephant chariot

Golden Chariot         :    Golden Chariot

MahaRatha               :     Maha Chariot    - 1

Agama                     :     Virashivagama

Main Utsavas            :     At Diwali, Maha Shivaratri & Ugadi

Special Days            :     Shravana, Mahalaya, Dasara, Diwali, Mondays of Karthika,
                                       Maha Shivaratri & Ugadi

Nityotsavas               :    Silver-tiger chariot, Silver-Basava chariot & Rudrakshi Mantap chariot

Pushkarini                :    Anthara Gange

Rituals & Sevas:    There will be poojas & Archana thrice a day, the first worship of the day starts at 5.30 in the morning & Rudrabhisheka is performed between morning 6 & 8 and again between 10.30am and 12  noon.  The evening poojas will take place between 6.30 and 8.00.
There will be special poojas on Sankashta Chathurthi, Amavasya & Pournami.  The most special pooja is known as Maha Rudrabhisheka will be performed only on Thursdays on behalf of the devotees who contribute for that.

Nithyothsava:    After the morning pooja, the special procession of the deity will be done with all temple honours.  The Government has fixed the rates of the sevas.  (The rates are subjected to periodical changes.)

Anna Dasoha Bhavana:    At present everyday nearly 4000 people who are visiting the temple are provided with free food in Dasoha Bhavana building.  It has been constructed at a cost of Rs.1 Crore.  Devotees may contribute for Anna Dasoha Seva.  If any devotee pays one Rs. 1501 or more for Anna Dasoha, it will be kept in eternal fixed deposit & its interest amount will be utilised for Anna Dasoha Seva.  Devotees can also contribute in Cash or vegitables or corns or paddy or rice etc..