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Services & Offers to Sri Male Mahadeshwara Swamy and Temple


  • The devotees can give any kind of corns, rice, paddy, vegetables etc. for Dasoha & are requested to get the receipt from the temple's office.

  • The devotees can do an eternal fixed deposit amount more than Rs.1501 in the temple's office & can get the Dasoha done with their name one day in a year with the deposit's interest amount.

  • The devotees who send Money Order (MO) to the temple for Sevas must write the Seva details & their name & address clearly.

  • The devotees are requested to get the receipts from the temple's office for giving the gifts & offers.

  • Schemes of Owning Residence:   There are several schemes of constructing residential premises to the devotees.  In this scheme, the  devotees may contribute the specified construction amount.  After the construction, free residence facility will be provided for them in that building for some days in a year.