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Now Jeeps are available upto Indiganatta Village, on the way to Nagamale which is about 4 kms. from the Male Mahadeshwara Temple.  Fare about Rs.40/- per head per side.  Next 5 kms. should walk in the Hills.

Alert !!

Beware of Elephants ... Better to go in crowds ... Carry water bottles


Start at about 7'O Clock in the morning, so that you can reach Naagamale at about 11am.  Finish Pooja at Naagamale ... Enjoy the beautiful nature, hills, Cauvery river & return back to MMHills.


Go round the Huge wonderful Linga (Rock) to have a nice view of the Snake & Linga from the back.


Food, like Raagi-ball, sambaar can be ordered in hotels on the way to Naagamale while going & can be had while coming back ... little scarcity of cleanliness.

Electric Light at the Nagamale can be seen from the Aanetaledimba (peak) at the entrance of MM Hills from Karnataka side

NagaMale is the place where Sri Mahadeshwara Swamy was doing penance.  It is about 9 kilometers from the Nadumale, where the world famous Sri Mahadeshwara Swamy's temple is situated.  There is no road to Nagamale.  Devotees walk through six hills and reach the Holy place, Nagamale.  This place is very beautiful.
It is a Nature's wonder that one huge rock splitting into two portions; one portion resembles the  snake's face & the other like the shape of Linga.

 A temple is built at the bottom of the large Linga.  This is surrounded by thick forest & beautiful chain of hills which attracts everyone.  The priests residing nearby will do the pooja everyday.  It is a strain journey to walk 24 kms. to Nagamale and back to Nadumale.  For this reason only, some devotees used to start @ early morning in the 6 from Nadumale, reach the Nagamale & stay one night in the priests houses nearby & come back in  the next day.

Even meals in the noon will be arranged in the priests' homes which has to be informed earlier.  It takes about 8 hours walk in the hills to reach the place.
It is better to carry light food & drinking water during journey to Nagamale.  First two  kilometers will be quite easy to walk up to the village 'Devara Halli', after that narrow, steep, sloppy  way with rough stones is to be walked.  In some places on the way no people will be there.  Drinking water is available only in 'Indiganatha' village on this way.  A pond is at a distance of  a furlong from Indinatha.

Usually, wild animals including elephants used to come to the pond to drink water and play.  So, it is better to cross this place after 8 am. and before 5 pm.  Sweet & cold drinking water is available at one or two villages ahead.  People living in these villages use donkeys to carry their food, corns and things.  They travel rarely.  They should come to the Nadumale village for purchasing things.  Here, in Nagamale Sri Saint Lord Mahadeshwara Swamy was doing penance.  During that time his tiger used to take test in a cave nearby.  Even today, there is a foot-print of Sri Mahadeshwara  on a rock in the Nagamale exists.