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Mr.Sadashiva, Superintendent, MM Hills says that "Sri Swamy Mahadeshwara is Powerful & Trusted Lord, He never fails the believed ones".

Mrs.Mahadeva Prasad says "We believe only in Sri Male Mahadeshwara, Even today we are experiencing the reality of the existence of the Lord".

Dr.S.Shivarajappa says

Vishakanta Murthy says

"We were not having kids since 11 years.  One of friend introduced us to MM Hills & made us to worship Sri Male Maheadeshwara.  Within a year we got a baby girl.  We are leading a happy family today.  Lord Mahadeshwara is with us.  We never forget him...." says K.B.Manjunath, Indira Nagar, Ittigegud, Mysore.

"We are well settled when we started to worship the Lord @ MM Hills.  This is because of Sri Male Mahadeshwara Swamy only.I am coming for every new moon day's Maha Mangalaarathi Pooja to MM Hills since 7 years.  Collections at our buses will be as better I expect.  I am doing services to the Lord....."  says Nagendra, Owner, Mahadeshwara Motor Services, Mysore.