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It is really unbelievable and thrilling !!  A number of stones / small pieces of rocks are kept one above the other at the top of a rock on a hill which can not be destroyed even by the fast air flow or storm since 800 years.
Do you believe ?  You must believe it.  It's not so far, we must see and worship it at least once in our lives.
No No... the stones are not stick each other.  We can take out and put them again at the top. 

Sri Male Mahadeshwara, when he was small boy, arranged some stones in one on the other on a rock at the top of a hill playing childish - KODUGALLU.  Hence the name "Kodugalla Madappa".

The place Kodugallu is about 4 kilometers from the Nadumale ie., Sri Swamy's Temple.  Salur is about 1 kilometer from the Temple, and from Salur 3 kilometers to Kodugallu hill.

Till Salur, the vehicles move.  From there have to walk the hills steep to reach to Kodugallu.  It will be a nice experience to walk here in the hills.  As it is not so far, small children can also reach to Kodugallu.  At the start of the hill to climb, near Salur towards Kodugallu, the house of "Thammadi" the person who makes pooja to Kodugallu is there.  One can inform them earlier so that they will arrange for pooja to make it easier OR while going on the way to Kodugallu itself, one can make the Thammadi to join OR one can go alone and do the poojas independently. 

A number of stones arranged one above the other by Sri Mahadeshwara.
Kodugallu at the top of a rock on a steep hill  The back side view
The cave (below the Kodugallu) where the snake was taking rest in the shadow when the boy Sri Mahadeshwara was playing and making penance at the top of the hill  The cave (beside the Kodugallu) where the tiger was taking rest in the shadow when the boy Sri Mahadeshwara was playing and making penance at the top of the hill
Pooja to Kodugallu
Pooja to Kodugallu Nice views from the top of Kodugallu rock
Temple's Gopuram can be viewed at the top of Kodugallu rock

Opinions of the people on Kodugallu

"My son's business is running well as I requested the Lord at Kodugallu, Mahadeshwara here is that TRUE he is doing us well as we  expect & ask him.  Each time when I come to MM Hills, I visit and worship Kodugallu......" says Puttabasamma, Bangalore

We are living well because of worshipping Kodugallu.  Sri Mahadeshwara appeared in my mother's dream 35 years back & I was a small kid, as we were poor, my mother came to MM Hills & Kodugallu at that time by arranging money only to one side journey.  After that, started pooja to Kodugallu, our family status came to well off.  We are living happily today bacause of Kodugallu worship........" says Vasantha Kumar, Bangalore.

"Our family status is relaxed now when we started worshipping Kodugallu.  We were suffering a lot.  But because of the Lord @ Kodugallu our family is happy...." says B. Bhagyamma, Bangalore.