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All snaps are taken (at present) from Karnataka State side ....

It is also called as Marikottayam by the people of Tamil Nadu.

As it appears like "HOGE" (that is smoke in Kannada Language) coming from the top of  "KALLU" the rocks when the water falls on it, it is said HOGENAKAL

It is a beautiful Cauvery water falls, which is at 45 kilometers towards Tamil Nadu from the Temple.  Only a few buses are there to Hogenakal from the MM Hills.   Can travel by own vehicles too.

Visitors usually do Oil massage - bath here.  People for doing Oil massage are available there.
Totally, it is a very good spot for picnic to spend one day.

Main Water Falls - Hogenakal


Tree looking @ center of hill

Goats - On the way to Hogenakal

Shops selling soap, shampoo,  to take bath at Hogenakal (Even meals)

A bath to sheep - On the way to Hogenakal

"Oil Massage" - people are there to do massage for visitors