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Free meals called DASOHA are arranged twice everyday for the devotees coming to the Hills.  It was started in November 1987 with one time Dasoha.  As the number of devotees coming to the place was increased, the Dasoha was upgraded to twice a day since April 1989.  Later A dedicated big Dasoha building was constructed with about Rs. 1 crore and started the Dasoha in that new building on 8th July 1998.

One time Dasoha expenditure may be met by the devotees as a service to the Lord or an eternal fixed deposit may be made for the Seva in their names once in a year regularly.  Devotees may offer corns, rice, paddy, vegetables etc. for the Dasoha.

At present everyday nearly 4000 people visiting the temple are provided with free food twice a day.

Beautiful color drawings are there on the inner walls of the Dasoha Bhavana.  One can enjoy the real-story of Sri Mahadeshwara Swamy by watching those drawings.


Free Anna Dasoha to all

Pictures @ Dasoha Bhavan

 Kitchen: Preparation of rice with steam