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@ MM Hills

All are cleanly well maintained by the Temple

The holy place can accommodate about 4000 people at a time.  It is quite difficult to provide accommodation for all the devotes coming from Friday to Monday every week & during Jathras.

There are a number of guest rooms maintained beautifully & cleanly in different buildings; Mahadeshwara Bhavana, Gurudarshini, Giridarshini, Shivadarshini etc. situated in the surroundings of the temple for the staying purpose of the devotees.  Many of them have solar water heating, electric geezers facilities.  All belongs to the temple's administration only.  There are no private ones.  Accommodation fees is less & no free accommodation is available.

Note :  

  • Separate counters are there to book the rooms at all buildings. 

  • Rates specified are per room per day.

  • A 'day' means 24 hours from the time of allotment.